Friday, February 8, 2008

First Papercraft

Alright, I've got my first papercraft completed. It's the famous Lon Lon Milk Bottle, and, yes, it includes the proper Lon Lon label (what would Talon have said if I'd left it off?!). I actually modeled this one myself, and it's a simple craft, but I wanted to have something to put on the site, so I chose one I could finish pretty quickly. Besides, it's the drink of heroes. : )

Actually, I animate in Hash Animation Master, but it only exports in .mdl format, so (since I can't afford something like Lightwave) I'm stuck with freeware, at least where papercrafting is concerned. (Due to the fact that Pepakura, which is the program used to lay out the design, doesn't recognize the .mdl format.) Using the unfamiliar animation program limits me a LOT. If I could only find either some way to export from AM in .obj format, or to convert the .mdl to .obj outside of AM, it would be the happiest day of my papercrafting life. *sigh* What possibilities could unfold (or, enfold, I guess, considering the subject at hand...).

Anyway, see the Papercraft Archive tab on the navigation bar up top to download the Lon Lon Milk.

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