Wednesday, April 30, 2008

More Ripping

I've been working like mad lately to iron out model ripping on other fronts--namely Playstation and N64 games. Still no luck with PSX models, although I think I've tried all the extractors out there that are applicable: from plug-ins for the emulators, to Dx9 rippers, and even OpenGL rippers. The last of those, OGLE, actually looked promising for a while, and it did produce

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Ripping Models: The How-To Guide

Ok, I'm here, with all night to write, the music playin', and nothing to distract. I think I'll do most of the explaining, so the process will be laid out, complete with notes on what you need (where to get it) and how to use it. I'll add screenshots a little later (can't run the programs on my mac, and don't have access to win at the moment), but for now, I'll post the text details before I sign off tonight. Now going to work...

2:04 AM - Ok, here it is. The text is completed up to the point of editing the models--I will write that when I get the next chance. For now, I hope this is helpful; but, remember, it's not the final version.
Ripping Models for Papercraft v0.1.pdf

Also, I created the "Software" page (see the links above) to make all the programs I reference readily available. They can all be found there, in addition to the places cited in the guide. I hope this was all right to do (I wasn't sure). If anyone affiliated with these programs has a problem, my contact info is on the page. Please let me know and I'll take care of the issue as soon as possible.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

It Worked!

Finally, I got my first models ripped, just a few minutes ago. It worked! I can't wait--now I can finally write that set of instructions I've been mentioning and get a move on some more papercrafting (YES!!). Look for more details before the weekend ends; I don't have time to write them now, but I wanted to announce that it DID work. : p