Wednesday, April 30, 2008

More Ripping

I've been working like mad lately to iron out model ripping on other fronts--namely Playstation and N64 games. Still no luck with PSX models, although I think I've tried all the extractors out there that are applicable: from plug-ins for the emulators, to Dx9 rippers, and even OpenGL rippers. The last of those, OGLE, actually looked promising for a while, and it did produce
materials, but the geometry it extracted was smashed together and not easily re-scaled. The next possibility I'm going to explore for working with the PSX is unpacking the files on the disc, instead of attempting to rip models from its renderings. I haven't had time to learn about that yet (other than reading that it was a potential solution), so no real news there.

I DID have a small triumph tonight, though! I finally got N64 ripping to work using Lemmy's graphics plug-in. Although the files it produces (VRML, which is a .wrl filetype) can't be opened with Metasequoia, there is another program, AccuTrans 3D, that can handle them and convert them into .obj files, which can be read by Pepakura. I successfully ripped from two games (Star Fox 64 and Majora's Mask), and was so encouraged by the progress that I laid out two models. I have to say, working with 64 models is an absolute dream after tooling with those complex GCN figures for so long. They're perfect for it, after just a little tweaking. I ought to be able to post those two that I already edited soon--I just want to build them first, so that I can catch any potential errors in the template. After that, they'll be right out! : )

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