Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Hi for the First Time


Hello, this is Navi03, resident of ye olde web site. I just discovered papercrafting last fall, and hungrily built a slew of them, beginning with Ninjatoes' Majora's Mask model, then Young Zelda, and, to my great pride, Wolf Link (that one took a while... : ) But, now, I've turned my attention to a new possibility: making my own papercrafts. So far, I've spent several weekends getting
nowhere but, not to be discouraged, I will continue my quest nonetheless. I've had it in mind to build a site through which to share the papercrafts I'm going to create (just wait--they'll get here), so, here is the beginning of that project. Supposing anyone bothers to look at this, I thank you for your interest, and assure you, that, in time, you won't be disappointed. ; )

Posts tagged "Navi's Notes" are part of the blog that follows my efforts to learn how to create models.
Check posts tagged "Papercraft Archive" to find the actual model templates.

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