Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Hello all! The outlook on this project is still positive...possibly more so than ever, because I now have the Twilight Princess models: yay! I did run into a little trouble getting the textures to apply correctly, though, so don't expect any immediate papercraft offerings.

In the meantime, I'm working on ripping models again. My main goal with this was to get some N64 models, but no team of emulator/plugin seems to work for me. I've tried Nemu64, 1964, *and* Project64, each with Icepir's plugin, Lemmy's plugin, and even some other one (can't remember the name, at the moment). But, nothing works out for me (all I get are textures...no polygons; even though some of them *did* give me a VRML file, it didn't hold anything but camera settings and light rigging).

Next attempt: 3DRipperDX, a program that's supposed to be able to correctly rip models and textures from any game using DirectX 9 to render its video. Didn't work with any of the emulators, though, even when i used Direct64, which is supposedly a DirectX video plugin for them. Frustrating. Grr.

Now, however, I'm trying something new (and possibly crazy). As if the N64 roms didn't give me enough trouble, I'm going to try ripping from GCN games, using Dolphin and 3DRipper. I ran across a thread of people discussing how they'd successfully done it, so...maybe...? I'm going to try it, anyway : )  I'll note if it works here, and if it does, you have some Smash Bros. models to look forward to.

Yes! It worked--3DRipper ran in Dolphin right off, no problems. Smash keeps crashing on launch, though, so I'll have to iron that out next...

Just so long as I know I'm working towards something, not just another dead end, though, it's all good.

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