Sunday, May 3, 2020

New Guides & Software for Mac Users

I've completed the guide on ripping models and added a complementary one on editing 3D for papercraft. Please find these on the Resources page, and check out a preview of the editing chapters below!

-       Step One: Optimizing a Model
-       Step Two: Mapping Textures
-       Step Three: Adding Bones/Posing a Model
-       Step Four: Unfolding a Layout in Pepakura
-       Step Five: Publishing Your Work
I've also added a section specifically focused on software for those who might want to create papercraft using a mac OS. I've been doing this myself and have found these solutions to work on OS X El Capitan 10.11.6.

If you take a look at the Resources page, you'll see that Metasequoia (3D editor) has its own Mac version, so that's easy. Pepakura (the 2D unfolding program) does not, so the Windows version must be set up using Wineskin to run on a Mac. Then, it works almost flawlessly except for an initial error message that can be ignored; it won’t affect anything. I've included a version already set up with a Wineskin container so you can skip the complicated part (though the instructions are there too, should you want to do it yourself). Lastly, you'll find a program called Meshlab, which is for converting .wrl or other files to .obj that can be opened by Metasequoia. It's an open source program.

Hope this is helpful!

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