Friday, April 17, 2020

Behind the Scenes on Spyro & Sparx!

I've wanted to do Spyro since the time I very first began crafting, but it was completely impossible to rip from Playstation games back then. Well! Times have changed. ^ ^ I'm proud to present my craft of Spyro and Sparx on one of the characteristic pedestals that are scattered around the Spyro home world in the first game. I edited, posed, and unfolded the model myself. Find it in the Papercraft Archive!

I've also grabbed a bunch of progressive screenshots of the process in order to finish the craft creation guide I began so long ago. The material is written--I just need to sit down and format it so it's nice for all of you to view. That will be along in time, but for now, please check out the new Spyro craft.

As you might notice, I only have digital previews of it so far. Where I am currently...I don't happen to have my own printer! That just means I'd like to invite all of you to be my builders. If you'd like to submit a photo of your build of this craft, please feel free to do so, and I will create a gallery to include on the site for this and any future models that I don't have the resources to build myself. I encourage you guys to be creative with finding ways to suspend Sparx. My initial idea is that you could glue him minimalistically to the tip/edge of Spyro's wing on that side, but if you have transparency pages or something similar you could also easily create a little stand for him. Let's go crafters~~

p.s. Check out the Crystal Dragon that I've just added as well for a little more Spyro!

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