Thursday, March 19, 2020


Hi everyone! After all these years, I've decided to make some changes to the site. I am no longer going to be keeping the paid web host I'd been using, so I had to decide whether to revive the site or let it go entirely. I'm happy to say I've archived the old material and am working on moving it over to a new server, while bringing back the original notebook-style design of the site pages. I have also put together the rest of the guide on how to make your own crafts *gasp*!! After... only 10 years! ^ ^ ;; Someone had asked back then when the Nintendo Papercraft forums were in their heyday if we all thought we'd still be crafting after 10 years. I remember saying I couldn't think of a reason why I wouldn't, and it's funny to consider that prediction would have been untrue at 5 years but here at 10 it's turned out bright. Well, they were busy years: I was just finishing high school at that time and attending universities, living abroad in several places, and encountering many more travel experiences kept me away. I'm in a quiet patch now and have all the crafting things running again a bit. I'll be re-uploading the old crafts (after making a few improvements I'd always meant to get around to) in addition to adding ones that were mostly finished back then, along with entirely new works. This site has consistently received about 700 views a month over all these years, so I sincerely thank you all for continuing to pop by. #^ ^# I hope you'll look forward to the projects to come, and please feel free to write me a comment if there's anything you'd like to share!

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